How to make your healthy breakfast more enjoyable & exciting!

     For some breakfast is not that important to have, but for others who do usual fitness or morning workouts their breakfast is the most important fuel of their day, you know what I mean! Well I mean without it you would feel weak and unable to carry on with your daily morning routine.

If you're the type of person that requires or loves a sweet taste, you should keep reading to find a few ways to have a wonderful breakfast. 

Well there are many different ways you can have a sweet tasting breakfast while being healthy. 
Here are the ones I have:

For this I used a small glass to be a slight more creative with this snack.  For the first part of this breakfast snack I used plain Special K cereal, which I mixed with peanut butter. To make the taste even sweeter I used a vanilla yogurt. To add the finishing touch I added some sweet runny honey onto the top of this snack to give that small sweet taste. 

 You need:
- Small Glass
- Plain Special K cereal
- Peanut Butter
- Vanilla Activa yogurt
-Runny honey 

There is also the option of having honey in the porridge with a few small pieces of delicious dark chocolate and some banana cut into small pieces or strawberries as they are a healthy, sweet and nutritious start to your day! 

You need:
- Plain cereal
- Dried fruit
- Dark chocolate 


If you're a fitness junkie like me you will know or should know that porridge is a great source of energy for your morning workouts or just before you go to work. It is so great that it can fill you up for a longer period of time due to the whole grains, so you won't be hungry till lunch! It is another great breakfast meal for weight loss, which can prevent any overeating. To increase the fibre content you can add nuts or berries to your porridge if you prefer them.  

Just add chocolate for them cheat days if you wish! 

Stay tuned for more of my healthy fitness tips & advice!

Enjoy! :) x

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