Eating healthy on a budget

Since inflation, the food prices have been pretty expensive. Like is that food really worth that price? You'll know what I mean if you buy your own food. The prices soon add up. Eating healthy is not always expensive, most things can be expensive but you've got to be smart about it. 

Here are my five tips to help you eat healthy on a budget: 

Shop smart

Sometimes you'll find that some shops and supermarkets can be better at certain times than others. Maybe your local shop is lacking fresh produce or frozen fruit and veg, maybe the shop is too pricey, why not try another place? Looking around other shops or supermarkets can give you more of a wider choice, sometimes you may find another shop that sells food at more reasonable prices. Don't always go for the first price you see compare the prices first. 

Although not everyone will have the time to do this, but it can really help to know the differences of  prices on food and the amount you'll save. If you are budgeting working out how much you'll save will help you feel less stressed about money, plus you'll save money for things you want to do! maybe a holiday or a day out etc. Also, if you have a local market, there may be a fresh fruit and veg stall. These stalls will sell the fruit and veg usually at kind prices, I mean three large lemons for a pound! bargain! They are so much better than small supermarket ones. Not only are the prices generous but the fruit and veg tastes delicious! oh the people who own the stall, they are such lovely, honest and funny kind of people. Oh yeah they let me try some fruit for free too!

Buying frozen veg and fruit 

Sometimes I find that fresh vegetables don't last very long and you end up throwing some away. Plus sometimes you'll find that organic veg and fruit is more expensive in certain supermarkets. You'll have then wasted money on unused veg, which can be pretty annoying. Although you can get cheaper organic fruit and veg, you just have to look at different supermarkets in your area and compare prices. You can get a range of frozen fruit and veg and it's also still healthy!

Saving leftovers 

There will be times where you'll cook way too much food (just like when I cook way too much pasta). Instead of throwing the food away save it for the next day or week. However, do not put the food in the fridge straight away if it is boiling hot or warm. You must let the food cool down first, as if you place it directly in a fridge it can cause condensation that may contaminate other foods. So if this happens other food must not be consumed. Saving your leftovers will help you save money and time as you won't have to buy another meal.

Prepping meals for work

Not only will you save money on buying your lunch, but you can also eat better by preparing your work meals the night before. Yes fast food can be tempting but if you want to save money and eat better, you better start prepping those meals. I mean we all love a cheat day but during the week you could aim to stay healthy. 

Writing a food list 

Writing a food list will help you know what you're looking for, stop you overspending and also help you not forget something you needed. We've all done that at some point, forgot something that was needed from the supermarket and coming home with something we didn't need. Yep I can totally relate! Anyway sticking to a food list will help stop you spending your money on unnecessary and expensive food. I mean your on a budget, you need to stick to it. Yes it can be so easy to get sidetracked in a supermarket, I can't blame you to be honest! surrounded by donuts and cookies sounds good. But you must ignore those temptations, because you won't have that spare money to eat them nice ice creams or any other treats on holiday. I'm just being honest!

Hoped this has helped!

With lots of love,


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